R0.5ZX Series Power Supply


R0.5ZX Series Power Supply

RECOM's 0.5 W open-frame SMD DC/DC module features an impressive operating temperature range of -40°C up to +100°C

Image of RECOM's R0.5ZX Series Power SupplyRECOM extends their open-frame SMD portfolio with the R0.5ZX series, a thumbnail-sized 0.5 W DC/DC converter. The series offers an internal linear regulator which provides a precise, load-independent, and low-noise output. It can also perform an automatic shutdown in the event of overload or temperature spike while maintaining the ability to resume operation once conditions have returned to normal. The series comes internationally pre-certified and is ideal for industrial applications requiring 5 V and up to 2 kVDC isolation. 

Efficiency Graph

Image of RECOM's Efficiency Graph 

Derating Graph

Image of RECOM's Derating Graph 

  • Regulated output with internal linear regulator

  • Small footprint (15.24 mm x 10.7 mm)

  • -40°C up to +100°C operating temperature range

  • Up to 2 kVDC isolation

  • IEC/EN/UL62368-1 certified with CB report

  • Industrial controls

  • Sensors

  • Bus-interface

  • Test and measurement